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Shoulder Tattoos

Take time us a moment, to talk about the shoulder tattoos, and what they actually are. Some people look at the back part of the arm, just above the upper arm rounding. For some, these tattoos would be tattooed more correctly called arm. Others see the shoulder as part of the back. The shoulder is actually the point on the human body, where the arm is on the torso. There are three bones from the shoulder (clavicle, shoulder blade and upper arm) as well as the shoulder joint and various muscles and ligaments.

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DesignsThe area, that most people, when they describe shoulder tattoos speak, is the flat surface of the upper back just above the shoulder blade, which is commonly known as the shoulder blade. Well, so far I had thought that tattoos in this area of the body were back tattoos, but it seems that I, like most people, was wrong. The tattoo on the image is actually tattooed a combination between a shoulder and an arm tattoo. Now that you know the current terminology in conjunction, you can go and tell your artists, that an arm or shoulder wants to tattoo, and he will know exactly what speaks to you.

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