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Nail Stickers

Deer Temporary Tattoos

This is one of very few deer temporary tattoos that I have ever seen. I could be wrong but I don’t think these are very popular. At least not in the big cities. Perhaps more in the country in which the hunt much more continuous. And there is easily understandable. I’ve known many people who take very seriously the deer hunting and not surprising to see one of those people with tattoos on his arm deer, especially a beautiful small like this.

Download Award Winning DesignsOther Tattoo compared to hunting connection there are other meanings attributed to the temporary tattoos stars deer. The Celtics have many myths about the deer and considered him an animal grace and as such have tied to music and poetry.Then I see deer temporary tattoos that look like this, I always think about old film, The Deer Hunter, because an image is very similar to this was the logo for that film. And this film was a very powerful movie. In China the deer is a symbol of happiness and luck. And the deer is also known in many cultures as a graceful animal that will fight if provoked.

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