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Interesting Facts about Platinum

the term platina del pinto had come from spain, translation, platinum literally means little silver river pinto. as part of the white gold is the same as the difference between the two metals, great, so avoid mistakes when judging the platinum and white gold. anyway, we are dealing with now, so it is platinum and platinum a few interesting facts, let’s take a look through, that alone is of more specific. silvery white color of the precious metal is also one of the more is the only metal. given how much metal it will be invaluable, it also found that some of the most expensive jewelry. do you need more facts about the same? read more …

history of platinum

i found this year, but of platinum and other information such as location of detectors. this is the first mentions of scaliger julius caesar is sometimes written in around 1557, especially since even then, it has been found, the way back. since then, the existence of the metal, or even a few years before that, i was able to detect before 700 bc. as a result, it is the location of which has been found in south america, pre-columbian south americans. this metal is, it could not melt until then nothing noble metal came across these interesting facts said. what’s even more interesting story is it enough to have wasted the time spain’s conquistadors metal did not think that is true. when they are first discovered, it is still did not mature and silver or gold, and a small bit of misunderstanding, that’s what it is most definitely not much worth, regardless of it not.

metal properties

the table below for a complete basic properties of this metal will give you an idea. take a look at a time.

characteristics of platinum
categorytransition metal elements
standard atomic weight195.084
s h e l l e, 8, 18, 32, for each 2, 17, 1
melting point2041.4 k, 1768.3 he fei, 3214.9
boiling point4098 k, he fei, 6663 4018
atomic radius139pm
crystal structureface-centered cubic
oxidation state6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,-1,-2 (little chloride oxide)

it is a brief look at the history, this is absolutely precious metals, some of the properties, but now go to the other facts about it.

some facts about platinum

? platinum is basically 6 isotope (5 stable isotope 1 radioactive isotope), and (this is constantly being discussed but) astronomy antonio de ulloa and jorge don juan y santacilia in 1735 by are told to have been found.

? interestingly, a rare metal on earth, the moon and meteorites found the bulk of platinum.

? as for the experience, the biggest producer of metal, platinum is also greatly between these countries, and south africa, russia, and it is found in the area of the united states.

? this metal platinum group metal known as part of the group of metals. this group is by default, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium.

? platinum prices despite the reason for the increasingly popular role gems like this that you can use it, and long-lasting between metal tarnish resistant. besides, it includes a 90-95% of anything in the pure metal and jewelry wholesale made of platinum.

? also interesting in terms of popularity, close to 90% of the world platinum jewelry is purchased by the customer, japan.

? it is a significant contribution to the worldwide economic growth factors in addition to the aesthetic of the metal because it relates to the reason, platinum is a great investment.

? the quantity of platinum about 1,800 tons of gold annually, almost nothing about 200t mined near.

? platinum ounce in order to produce one of the pure, raw minerals will take a couple of 10 tons.

? also, in general, all the major consumption of platinum jewelry is sold for use in the following vehicle emission control device or of the catalytic converter. in addition, it is also, electronics, chemical industry, and certain other apps are used for small quantities.

? once extracted from the earth, the process is at least 2 months to fix platinum.

? can be a good option for the environment too industry and jewelry is an excellent option for flexibility and, besides this metal. platinum a few anti-cancer drug, according to the fertilizer, pacemakers, explosives, etc., pa

? you even created as a dowager coronation crown to make writing platinum precious metal did.

? separate coronation crown of platinum, i too hope and kohinoor all settings, such as the world famous diamond jonker.

? in fact, this is even tiffany, cartier, and faberg as some of the most popular jewelry store part of the work after it is created in the classic platinum so the pursuit of one of the metal.

any given above is short for some interesting platinum fact list. once included, but looks great, this metal is sufficient to prove your qualities. this precious metal is one of the more than one way to serve a purpose, that you can be sure that absolutely.

Nail Biting Remedies

the habit of biting nails begins in childhood and may continue until early adulthood. the majority of people successfully quit this habit by the time they reach the age of 20 years. however, there are some adults who can follow a nailbiting beyond the age of 30. the main causes of biting nails are stress, anxiety or boredom, inactivity, and so some children learn to bite your nails after watching other family members doing the same. biting nails not only makes the thumbnails they look ugly, but can also have an adverse effect on health. this leads to broken nails, bleeding and pain, along with the fingernail infections. can lead to dental problems. for all these negative effects of that conduct people search for effective remedies, compulsive nail biting nails.

nail remedies for bites in adults

we all know, it’s not very easy to give up the habit of biting nails. it takes great patience and willpower to quit the habit. here are some useful remedies: biting nails

cover hands: use gloves to keep his nails under cover. as a result, even if you put your finger in your mouth, then also unconsciously that you can’t nail biting. you can also cover the nails with bandages or stickers that can act as barriers and they can’t access the fingers in order to chew.

get involved in your hands: hold something in your hands all the time. the best that can be used for this purpose is the stress ball. it will keep your hands busy and don’t have the scope to bite his nails. or you can keep your hands busy on activities such as paint, write or play video games. as your hands are not free, they don’t have a chance to bite his nails.

training the mind: this is one of the best home remedies for nail biting nails of adults.match the rubber bands around two of the dolls and they will nail biting col elastic wrist band symposium. it will take some time to develop this habit of hitting the rubber band before biting his nails. once the habit is the pain that is going to train the mind to bite his nails.

manicure: go for a manicure regularly so that the thumbnails are cropped in good condition. as a result, you won’t get no jagged edges of the nail-biting. moreover, in view of nice nails very well presented him to chop them impede do ugly.

nail remedies bites for kids

there are a number of home remedies for nail biting nails that can help your child get rid of the habit of biting nails. are as follows:
always keep your thumbnails in a cut so well that there is no additional key on the left you can chew on.
don’t beat yourself up when you bite your nails or has any incentive to promise if not chewing nails. by contrast, the shower with compliments when you manage to avoid biting nails for several days.
children generally tend to bite his nails during the observation of your favorite tv show. keep some books ready drawing close to their hands and ask them what color images while watching tv. this will distract his mind and the temptation to bite your nails will drop.
do some alternative arrangements such as candy or chew sugar free carrot sticks that can. so, your mouth will be kept busy and willingness to bite his nails automatically happen at least for a short period of time.
apply some solution on the nails of his son, who is bitter taste. it is a colorless substance lacquer available in the market that can be used for this purpose. alternatively, you can use lemon juice or juice of bitter gourd.when they realize that the unpleasant taste in the mouth as soon as you set the christmas nail art decals will avoid putting your fingers in your mouth.
nail biting remedies that work for you may not work for others. so you have to discover for yourself that the nail biting treatment is best suited for you. the same is applicable for the care of her son’s biting nails too. if the cause of the habit of biting nails is a certain tension underlying, then efforts must be made to reduce tension and anxiety.

Acrylic Nail Designs

impeccable nails are sometimes a distant dream for women. no matter how hard you try and choose the number of manicure, it seems impossible to grow nails at a uniform length. sigh! follow endless spent in trying to maintain the appearance of nails seem to go in vain. when you feel you have reached your goal, you suddenly realize that you have bitten a nail because of stress (and not you realize even when!) well, thankfully, beauty salons have a solution for women who are experiencing growing problems because their nails nail or weak roaderea, fragile nails, which breaks too easily.

acrylic nails are the perfect solution for those who wish for long nails in a jiffy. with acrylic nails, you don’t have to worry about the numerous attempts to increase the natural nail. acrylic nail beauty lies in their length and beautiful design that can be painted on the surface. these models nail art often range from funky and weird at the base!

what are acrylic nails from?

acrylic nails are known to be very durable types of artificial nails. these artificial nails are stuck on natural nails. there are certain processes involved in the pursuit of these nails. this can be done at a beauty salon or even at home. adhesive specially designed, in general, is used to process. they can be subsequently painted in a variety of creative nail designs. acrylic nail removal, however, should be done with care. nail care is important once you decide to opt for artificial nails.

design ideas of acrylic nails

if you have decided to opt for acrylic nails to make your arms look even more glamorous, take a look at this compilation of ideas. these ideas for acrylic nail designs will definitely turn nails into a beautiful canvas.

passion flower
paint a bright shade of red on the nails and let dry. then, on the basis of, draw a shape upside down by a heart with white polish. this will form the shape of the flower head. (similar to a pansy.) draw a leaf and stem in green. to stream natural brush. after it dries, you use a yellow line on the edge of the leaf to highlight. add some glitter gold edge.

christmassy hotel here
for this project, you can use the basics of french manicure. paint cui in a pastel shade like pink, with a peak white. after it dries, silver paint used to draw some lines on the surface creative rotation. you can even add small points in between. using a small brush, use blue nail polish to develop small stars. if you want a contrasting effect very large, you can opt for even a shade of red and green for a christmassy hotel look completely.

fishy art
use a deep shade of blue for nails. after it dries, use a small brush to paint a big blue hue of the tear. twist the end of the term of the form of tears as this makes the tail of the fish. use a bright shade of orange for fish. once this dry, add a yellow stripe inside the orange to the middle and bottom. use the brush to change the effects as you want. you can even combine color outwards to form of fins. draw two thin lines of whiskers and a point in a shade of white to the eye. if you want to more creative, you can add some splash to white on blue background so that it looks like water. to make even bolder design, using nail varnish and black outline of the body and fish eyes.

cupid strikes
use a thin layer of white lake, on the basis of the nail. after it dries, you use a light pink colour over, take a darker shade of pink and use it on the top and bottom of the nail. this will create a shaded effect for nails. now you need to develop a cupid red. to do this, you can use any available online clipart cupid and traces the outline form. use an outline for reference and shoot the same on the nail. cupid with arrow buttons should be angular with space at the top left, as this is where you will need to develop the heart. draw a red heart of cupid’s arrow above.

you can add glitter, lace, sheets for your halloween nail sticker and even pierce them in order to make this stand out. let your creativity run loose and use these ideas of acrylic nail design to make everyone around turn and sit open-mouthed in amazement!

Sleeve Temporary Tattoos for Girls

commonly known as arm sleeve tattoos, tattoos are a rage among the youth of today. especially the girls, mainly because these tattoos can be held when you want and easily hidden when you have highlighted enough! but what are sleeve tattoos? well, sleeve tattoos are tattoos that are made in the arm or leg. there are three types of tattoos manga; full sleeve tattoos, tattoos half sleeves and sleeve tattoos quarter. these names mean the area of each one of these cover tattoos. to, for example. full sleeve tattoos are made from shoulder to wrist or ankle to thigh. half sleeve tattoos cover the hand means, i.e. of the shoulder to the elbow or elbow to the wrist. if this is done in the leg, which covers the portion that is half of the leg thigh up to the knee, knee to the ankle. sleeve tattoos are made quarter shoulder to bicep. more about arm tattoos for girls and arm tattoos for the guys.

sleeve tattoo ideas for girls

japanese sleeve tattoos for girls
japanese tattoos have a history dating back to centuries! earlier, dragon tattoos would only be considered as japanese tattoos. however, now there’s a lot of japanese designs on tattoos, which can look wonderful as sleeve tattoos. here are some designs for tattoos girls manga. more about japanese tattoos and their meanings.
koi fish tattoos: tattoos koi fish are the most popular models among girls. there are many koi fish designs to choose from. koi fish tattoos japanese koi fish symbolize a called and this fish is considered as a symbol of ambition and prosperity. so, naturally, is in demand tattoo. another reason why koi fish tattoo is popular is because of the bright blue color of the water and the fish koi splendid orange color displays. koi fish tattoos can be one of the projects half sleeve tattoo for girls.more about koi fish tattoos for girls and koi fish tattoos and their meanings.
cherry blossoms: cherry blossom tattoos manga girls linda. this design features the flower tattoo of a cherry tree, i.e. the branches and leaves of maple in shape. cherry blossoms are regarded as a symbol of life. the cherry tree survives the harsh weather and stays upright, and thus the japanese consider an inspiration. cherry blossom can be done as a project half sleeve or full of tattoos.
more about tattoo sleeve ideas.

tribal temp mens tattoos glove for girls
there are a lot of variety available in tribal tattoos. girls may opt for half-polynesian tribal tattoos drawing manga, once that is highly in demand these days. manga tribal tattoos for girls are made mainly for two reasons, the thick black ink used and a large area covering. as they cover the entire arm at a time, you do not need to connect several different models to make a tattoo whole. then, for a change, if you don’t want any women’s project, you can choose to tribal dragon tattoo drawing. to make the dragon more fierce, you can add the color red for him!

floral tattoo sleeve designs for girls
flowers are always favorites tattoos girls manga! you can experiment a lot with flower tattoo designs. you can characterize different flowers on your arm, or delicate vines with cherries! floral designs draw attention immediately, because they are more colorful than any other tattoo designs. another popular design floral is the butterfly tattoo. if you want some unique floral tattoo, you can characterize flowers, vines, butterflies and cherries together! after all, they are all interlinked to each other and thus won’t look weird, actually you’ll be making a statement of style!

these were some of the designs for tattoos manga for girls.any project you choose, remember to follow all instructions of the tattooist and tattoo care appropriate, so that you are able to display their single sleeve tattoos forever!

Family Temporary Tattoos

there are a number of different family tattoo designs for the regular person. some of them represent the continuity of the family and others still as a memory of beloved man, who is deceased. regardless of which type of tattoo temporary diy of the family you choose to get, however, you can be sure that you will take part in a tradition which is practised since the dawn of done tattooing.a hereditary coat of arms is a common type of tattoo of the family. this design is often confused with the coat, but the comb is actually only one part of the coat of arms of.

download the award winning tattoo designsthe coat of arms is usually a central theme of the coat of arms and is often garnished with or knights helmet or animal, real or mitologi?ni. a person receiving this type of tattoo of the family must take care that the artist combines with the rest of the tattoo design different type.another of the family tattoo tattoo for memory. this tattoo is used to pay tribute to a relative that died. he often combines elements, which are a symbol of that person, but may also contain elements which are symbolic of the person who receives it. either way, this tattoo family may be a stirring and careful addition to any collection of body-art.

Star Temporary Tattoo Designs

here we have one of the many available pattern star tattoo to check out this woman s back. while i usually like to star tattoo sticker i am not really crazy about this, at least in this picture. the reason for this is simple. the dark ink that is the background to the larger white stars sort of look like dirt. plays t? perhaps i do not see the true colors in the image, but if it still looks like this personally, i would not like this tattoo at all. it’s just not t do it for me.

download award winning tattoo designshowever, don’t take this away from what it may mean that the girl has her stars means something for her and it’s probably something very special and although i have no way to know what it is i will always respect the. that is how it should always be in all areas of society. respect other people and their choices, within reasonable limits, of course, whether you agree with them or not, and the world will not just be a better place for it, but you will have a better life for it.

Eye of Ra Temporary Tattoo

tattoo is one of the most adored and loved body art form. long lasting tattoos temp done, fashion and style, obvious, for various reasons. but people just don’t get tattoos to look cool, more meaningful and very interesting to have the underlying meanings of each tattoo. if you are done by people closely, something in common with their own personality is actually forged. they average self expression! these are some of the common causes, but the tattoo is also done as a protection symbol and average a did you know? yes, this is so true. protection are the same and process for the tattoo to stand. badness is believed to have powers to protect the spells, widely used before. but only in some countries, limited, but are popular all over the world to stand tattoo symbols. wondering what tattoo? well, this tattoo ra tattoo eye. let’s take a look at the eye of ra, and the meaning of the date of the tattoo.

look at the ra tattoo meanings

known as the eye of horus ra tattoo folk are egypt eye. are you wondering why not just famous for ra’s eye? well, horus and ra are a very popular story behind this. the sun god ra and horus, the sky was egypt. ?ahin was supposed to be a head. another interesting fact about horus, his left eye, his right eye, as the primary lunar and solar. talk about family, but also other son seth, ra’s mother was killed by a powerful god osiris was ?sis’s great magicians and paternity. their two sons, seth and horus his father’s murder, had to fight an across the board. so this battle, defeated his brother horus. although he won the victory of horus, so i had to lose the eye of the left eye. after the eye of the lord of the sterling silver rings have been restored by thoth. read more about egypt god horus.

but then it means that the left eye of horus ra, one of the sound. at the same eye, it was offered by osiris, horus to save his life.osiris has been restored by life ra’s eye, and since then was adopted as the souls of the evil eye ko?u?unda an amulet. horus is the sun god, as he said to his people to observe a time and they do things. as the protector of people, and then consider mumyalar from the eye, where the symbol. then, in the eyes of ra and other places in popularity since then others have reached egypt and jewelry, as well as using starting after the symbol. let us take a look at some of the designs and consider appropriate places for this tattoo. read more about ancient egypt symbols.

ra tattoo designs and places to look

ra eye symbol itself is, in fact, you don’t need another design with it. in fact, you can hide any fancy design eye to beauty. however, if you have to use any design, use a slim design. beauty does not spoil a symbol of a wing designs. horus, the god of the sky, it seems appropriate, as well as with wings. background bright colorful rays, innovative design and is also an apt one! usually this tattoo used colors, green and red. use the color or the background, you can use both for a look. if you don’t like the concept of eye color, there are several tribal beats ra black color you can get done. ra is a small tattoo design, talk about the locations of the eye. so for example, you can easily select a location, such as the neck tattoo is visible. in addition, you can get to the top of the ridge, forging, or biceps. although a small tattoo, ra’s eye infection or to avoid any complications, you will need to draw the attention of the appropriate tattoo. read more about the small tattoo designs.

this was about the eye of ra tattoo. so now we know all about the eye of ra tattoo, you may receive a unique and mysterious tattoo design for yourself!

Gargoyle Temporary Tattoos

tattoos gargoyle may seem frightening and grotesque in appearance, but could not nature there are certain t be more opposite. fake tattoos for boys of gargoyles represent the creatures that is placed on top of the buildings during the middle ages and is used to get away evil spirits. for this same reason, tattoos have become gargoyle of choice number one for those seeking a little protection in their lives tattoos.gargoyle can do in almost any style, but they are most often in a gothic style. he often signed in dark shades of black, grey or brown, and they are generally raised in a bent position.

download award-winning gargoyles tattoo designsthe on these tattoos is often shown with the faces of fear that they show fangs and one less than friendly temperament. may be placed alone or in scenes with them, sitting on top of churches, castles, or even tattoos gargoyle tombstones.many mixes of different types of gargoyles that are in different cultures in the same group. in these tattoos would be gargoyles european sitting next to celtic and japanese gargoyles. this creates a great impact both disconcerting and unified at the same time. gargoyle which can be much less fearsome than the traditional gothic gargoyle designs is also a tattoo.