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Nail Stickers

Feet Temporary Tattoos – Which Are the Best Feet Tattoos to Get?

2012 latest new design new release Tattoo stickers waterproof men and women of the black-and-white abstract totem temporary tattoo

The ever-popular place to ink your foot. These are great because they can be hidden and private, and they subtly showing off, and even a sexy way to accentuate your legs.Here are some of the best leg tattoos.1. Shooting Stars.This works the leg design. You get a handful of small stars (usually 3 or more), photography, and of different sizes. Very cool, and pop out really well.2./Cross Necklace.Usually the long necklaces starts around the ankle and drape down the front of the foot over a cross. This is a clever and interesting design, which utilizes the body contours that create a great tattoo.3. Toe tattoo temporary for children (like knuckle tattoos)Well, this is an interesting perspective you don’t see very often. Instead, knuckle tattoos, some people get out in front of the toes. If the letters and knuckle Tats, but you want a discreet place for them, I toe tattoos.4. Tribal.Tribal designs really work well with the foot. Tribal circumvented quite heavily, but by placing the legs indeed may have been a tribal design look original and unique.5. the Vines and flowers.Vines and flowers make great foot tattoo. Drape grapes around the foot placed in a staged flowers along the way.6. Matching Feet tattoos.Many good ideas tattoo. A pair of dice, one or both arms, a pair of the birds one by one on each shoulder, and so on. Consider the feet as a great place to put right tats …

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